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Best Dinner Restaurants in Colonia, Uruguay

Many people just visit Colonia, Uruguay as a ferry day-trip from Buenos Aires, but for those of you that stay overnight there are some great dinner options in town. There is something magical about walking the cobblestone streets of Colonia after the last ferry of the day has left. Here are our top picks for…
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May 6, 2019 0

Best Cafes in Colonia, Uruguay

After rambling through the cobblestone streets of Colonia and a relaxing lunch with a glass or two of Tannat wine you might be in the mood in the afternoon for a coffee before boarding the ferry back to Buenos Aires.  Lucky for you Uruguay has a big cafe culture and there are several nice cafes…
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August 14, 2018 0

Best Ice Cream Flavors and Shops in Colonia, Uruguay

If you take the ferry to Colonia, Uruguay during the warm Summer months you should definitely take a break during your day-trip to have an helado (ice cream).  Like Argentina, Uruguay is famous for it’s high quality and especially creamy ice cream. Top ice cream flavors to try in Uruguay Dulce de leche – The best seller…
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July 11, 2018 0

The Chivito Sandwich – A must try food in Uruguay

Tasting the food and drink of any country is one of the best ways to understand the culture and history, and when visiting Uruguay trying the national dish, the Chivito sandwich is a must-do.  Even if you just take the ferry to Colonia for a day trip it is possible to try this delicious and…
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July 2, 2018 0

Visiting Wineries near Colonia, Uruguay

If you are a food and wine lover like us you might be interested in visiting some of the wineries near Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay during your trip.  While not nearly as famous as wine from Argentina doing a wine tasting in Uruguay is definitely worthwhile since the country produces good wine as well, especially…
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June 4, 2018 0

Must Try Food and Drink in Uruguay

Tasting local food and drink is one of the best ways to experience and understand a country when traveling, and Uruguay is no exception as it has many local food and drink specialities to try.  Besides selling Colonia, Uruguay ferry tickets we are big foodies and have assembled a list of our must-eat culinary items…
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January 22, 2018 0

Best Restaurants in Colonia, Uruguay

Being a popular tourist destination Colonia, Uruguay is filled with restaurants and cafes.  Like many touristy destinations there are many restaurants in Colonia that have mediocre food at high prices knowing that it is likely you will never return to the city again and take advantage of it.  There are some gems in the city…
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January 16, 2018 0