How to Get the Best Price on Ferry Tickets to Colonia

How to Get the Best Price on Ferry Tickets to Colonia

July 31, 2019 Travel Tips 0

Since we sell thousands of ferry tickets every year we also are able to observe the prices offered by the different ferry lines that travel between Buenos Aires and Colonia, Uruguay and better understand how to get the lowest price on ferry tickets.

We started our ferry ticket agency because so many tourists were being overcharged by the ferry lines and were confused with the differences between the lines and pluses and minuses between them. Our mission is to offer the best price, great service and simplify the entire process so you can concentrate on the fun parts of trip planning.

  1. Buy in advance – The most important factor for getting the best price on ferry tickets between Buenos Aires and Colonia is to buy in advance, especially if traveling during high season (September-March). Buquebus and Seacat, the ferry lines we issue tickets for, start issuing tickets 3 months before the travel date and only offer a limited number of promo tickets per boat.
  2. Buy online – The absolutely highest ticket price you are going to get is buying directly at the ferry port. While we have an interest in you buying tickets from us, we also want to help tourists, so is you do find the same thing we offer somewhere else go for it, but avoid buying direct from the ferry lines, especially at the port.
  3. Know your options – Like we’ve previously written about, all ferry tickets are not equal. For example most unknowing buyers think booking with the ferry line Colonia Express is a good idea since they almost always have the “cheapest” price, but when you factor in the inconvenience and expense of getting to their ferry terminal, that cheap price doesn’t look so great anymore! We only offer tickets with Buquebus and Seacat, which both use the main ferry terminal in central Buenos Aires.
  4. Don’t bother with business class tickets – Traveling in business class to Colonia is a waste of your money, it’s a 60 minute ferry ride and the business class experience is nothing special, save your money for a great bottle of Tannat wine in Colonia!

Hope this helps and please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing ferry tickets.