Bus Service to and from Colonia, Uruguay

Bus Service to and from Colonia, Uruguay

August 23, 2018 Travel Tips 0

While most people visiting Colonia, Uruguay take the ferry from Buenos Aires as a day-trip others travel to Uruguay to see more of the country and unless you rent a car you will most likely go by long distance bus service, which is easy to use and relatively inexpensive.  All of the buses that serve Colonia besides the ferry lines’ own buses depart from the Terminal de Autobuses de Colonia del Sacramento, a small bus terminal immediately next to the Colonia ferry terminal (to your right as you exit the ferry terminal parking lot).  Inside the small terminal are the ticket sales counters for each of the 6 bus lines currently serving the city and each’s daily schedule.  As of August 2018 the different bus lines serve the following destinations from Colonia:

Berruti – Colonia → Radial Conchillas → Carmelo → Nueva Palmira

Grupo Central (Chadre, Agencia Central) – Colonia → Valdense

TAB – Colonia → Juan Lacaze

Compania Colonia – Colonia → Rosario → Nueva Helvecia

Colonia → Tarariras

Colonia → Paso Riachuelo

COT Intertur -Colonia→Juan Lacaze→Rosario→Valdense→Ecilda Paullier→Rafael Peraza→Libertad→Montevideo

Nossar – Colonia → Rosario → Cardona → Trinidad → Durazno

Turil – Colonia→Juan Lacaze→Rosario→Valdense→Ecilda Paullier→Rafael Peraza→Libertad→Montevideo

The bus terminal in Colonia, Uruguay