Why Buy Your Ferry Tickets with Colonia Ferry

Why Buy Your Ferry Tickets with Colonia Ferry

August 1, 2018 Travel Tips 0

We founded our ferry ticket agency after working years in the travel industry in Argentina and Uruguay and being constantly frustrated with how difficult it was for tourists (and locals!) to purchase ferry tickets between Buenos Aires and Colonia.  A seemingly simple journey that one would assume would be quick, straightforward and inexpensive to book, was unnecessary complicated requiring patience, trial and error and a credit card from Argentina or Uruguay.  One tourist commented that the Buquebus, Seacat and Colonia Express websites were “stuck in the 90’s!”

In 2015 because of this we founded Colonia Ferry, the first online travel agency dedicated to streamlining the ferry ticket reservation process.  After a lot of hard work and thousands of happy clients we are proud to be the largest seller of ferry tickets in Argentina or Uruguay.  Like we state on our homepage, we’ve gotten here because of 3 things:

  • Great Customer Service – Fast replies, great English and easy to understand pricing and answers to your questions
  • Simple – Just fill in our booking request form that takes less than 30 seconds and we will take it from there
  • Low pricing and easy payment – Since we are big sellers of tickets the ferry lines offer us discounted rates and we can pass along a better rate to our client than available elsewhere.  We happily take credit cards from any country!

We would love to assist you make your ferry booking and look forward to hearing from you soon!