Best Ice Cream Flavors and Shops in Colonia, Uruguay

Best Ice Cream Flavors and Shops in Colonia, Uruguay

July 11, 2018 Food and drink 0

If you take the ferry to Colonia, Uruguay during the warm Summer months you should definitely take a break during your day-trip to have an helado (ice cream).  Like Argentina, Uruguay is famous for it’s high quality and especially creamy ice cream.

Top ice cream flavors to try in Uruguay

  • Dulce de leche – The best seller in Uruguay is dulce de leche ice cream, which is a rich caramel flavor that is a must-try for sweet lovers.  Shops usually have different variations of dulce de leche ice cream including dulce de leche granizado, which is dulce de leche ice cream with chocolate pieces, super dulce de leche, which is dulce de leche ice cream with caramel filled chocolate candies, and dulce de leche con almendras, which is dulce de leche ice cream with roasted almonds.
  • Limón – The region around Colonia is a huge producer of lemons, so the lemon sorbets are wonderful choice for a hot day exploring the town.  Most heladerías will have both a la crema (dairy based)and al agua (sorbet) lemon flavors available, but our favorite is the sorbet.
  • Yerba Mate – Not available at all ice cream shops in Uruguay, but a unique flavor to try if available is the yerba mate ice cream, which is ice cream flavored with the local herbal infusion.  The flavor is similar to green tea ice cream and is nice if you want something a little less sweet.

Favorite Ice Cream Shops in Colonia

  • Heladería Arco Iris – This classic artisanal ice cream shop in Colonia has a wide variety of flavors available and is located just a few blocks from the historic center.  An added bonus is they have wifi!
  • Helados El Cali – Located right in the heart of the historic center, El Cali is a nice small family owned ice cream shop.  You can sit outside the shop on one of their benches or as you walk through the town.
  • Freddo – This ice cream shop is a branch of the Argentine brand, but we still love their ice cream and the location can’t be beat in Colonia and the comfortable space is nice for relaxing.

If you have any questions about food or drink in Colonia feel free to ask us while you are booking ferry tickets and we will send you our favorites!