The Chivito Sandwich – A must try food in Uruguay

The Chivito Sandwich – A must try food in Uruguay

July 2, 2018 Food and drink 0

Tasting the food and drink of any country is one of the best ways to understand the culture and history, and when visiting Uruguay trying the national dish, the Chivito sandwich is a must-do.  Even if you just take the ferry to Colonia for a day trip it is possible to try this delicious and filling dish.

What is the Chivito sandwich?

The Chivito is a sandwich that consists of a thin piece of steak, melted cheese, tomato, olives, bacon or ham, a fried egg and mayonnaise on a bun.  The sandwich is often accompanied by french fries as well!  While definitely not a light food, it is absolutely delicious and eating one makes a great local experience when in Uruguay.  Another option, usually at more formal restaurants in Uruguay is the Chivito al plato, which is an open faced version of the sandwich described above.

History of the Chivito sandwich in Uruguay

Legend has it that an Argentine tourist visiting the beach town of Punta del Este, Uruguay in 1946 visited the restaurant El Mejillón Bar and ordered “chivito,” which translates to young goat, and is a common barbecue dish in Argentina.  The owner of the restaurant did not have any goat meat, only beef, so decided to bury the beef under the now typical Chivito sandwich toppings so the customer wouldn’t be able to tell it was beef and not goat.  The sandwich became a hit and spread across the country and is now the national dish of Uruguay!

Where to try a great Chivito sandwich in Colonia, Uruguay

  • Los Farolitos  – General Flores 272
  • La Bodeguita – Del Comercio 167
  • El Drugstore – Portugal 174
  • El Eslabon food cart – Av. Buenos Aires 70000