Visiting Wineries near Colonia, Uruguay

Visiting Wineries near Colonia, Uruguay

June 4, 2018 Food and drink 0

If you are a food and wine lover like us you might be interested in visiting some of the wineries near Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay during your trip.  While not nearly as famous as wine from Argentina doing a wine tasting in Uruguay is definitely worthwhile since the country produces good wine as well, especially the Tannat grape.

Uruguayan wine country is quietly becoming a destination for wine connoisseurs and wine exports from the country have grown over 70% in just the last year.  Renting a car for the day or going on a winery tour is required since they are little ways outside of town.  If you book tickets for the morning ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia and return in the evening, visiting a couple wineries including lunch at one and a walk through the historic center of Colonia is very doable.

Wineries near Colonia

  • El Legado Bodega Boutique – Our top winery pick in the wine region around Colonia.  El Legado is a small family operation that focuses on producing high quality Tannat and Syrah wines.  The Tannat Syrah blend is a favorite.  We recommend calling or emailing in advance to arrange a tasting and an optional picada platter.
  • Bodega Cordano – Just down the road from El Legado, Bodega Cordano is a small winery and store selling local cheeses, cured meats and preserved goods.  If you call ahead they can arrange a picnic lunch to eat in their garden along with a bottle of wine.
  • Bodega Familia Irurtia – The largest winery in Uruguay, and one of the oldest, is Irurtia.  Until recently they produced only table wine sold in 5 liter bottles or boxes, but they have begun also producing higher end and oak-aged wines.  A fascinating part of visiting Irurtia is seeing the contrast between the two production methods.
  • Narbona – Located near the town of Carmelo, Uruguay, Narbona is the most sophisticated and slick operation in this wine region.  A good option for a wine paired lunch is eating at their onsite gourmet restaurant that uses many of the food products they produce on their land.

Winery Tour departing from Colonia

  • Borravino Wine Tours – Booking a winery tour with Damian from Borravino is a great option to have a guided experience from a local that is himself involved in the Uruguayan wine industry.  He offers day packages that include a Colonia city tour, guided tastings to 2-3 wineries and lunch for reasonable rates.