How to get to the Beaches of Uruguay from Buenos Aires

How to get to the Beaches of Uruguay from Buenos Aires

May 14, 2018 How-to 0

The beaches of Uruguay are the place to be during the Southern Hemisphere Summer.  Many of the best restaurants and bars of Argentina pack up and move their entire operations to Punta del Este or other stylish beach towns during the high season, and thousands of Argentines descend on the beaches to enjoy the beautiful coastline and lifestyle.  More and more European and American tourists are also traveling to Uruguay as well to vacation and enjoy the beaches.  Punta del Este, Punta del Diablo, Jose Ignacio and other Uruguayan beach towns are on the Atlantic Coast of Uruguay and take a decent amount of time to travel to.

Getting to the beaches of Uruguay by ferry/bus

During the busiest months (December-February) the ferry lines operate daily buses between the ferry port in Colonia and Punta del Este, the main beach town in Uruguay.  Alternatively, their are several other bus lines that offer buses to Punta del Este or other beach towns from the bus terminal directly next to the ferry port in Colonia.  During the low season there are still buses but with less frequency.  To get to Puntal del Este you will first need to book ferry tickets from Buenos Aires to Colonia and than bus tickets from Colonia to the beach town.  In most cases we can usually help you with booking the bus tickets in addition to the ferry tickets of course.

Getting to the beaches of Uruguay by rental car

If you are comfortable driving and have the budget, taking the ferry to Colonia and than renting a car there is our top recommended method to get to the beaches of Uruguay from Buenos Aires.  In general renting a car in Uruguay is very cheap but make sure to book a car in advance.  The drive from Colonia to Punta del Este takes around 4 hours.  You will also appreciate having a car so you can easily visit the different regional beaches as well as fantastic restaurants which are sometimes in semi-rural locations.