Direct ferry or ferry/bus combination to Montevideo, Uruguay?

Direct ferry or ferry/bus combination to Montevideo, Uruguay?

May 7, 2018 How-to 0

We occasionally are asked by potential clients if we can book tickets for the direct ferry between Buenos Aires and Montevideo.  The answer is no since we are not a reseller for Buquebus, the only ferry line that offers that route, but we can offer a great alternative, the ferry/bus combination to and from Montevideo.

With the ferry/bus combination you take the 1 hour ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia and than a 1.5 hour bus ride from Colonia to the main bus terminal in Montevideo. The ferry lines all operate buses between Colonia and Montevideo and coordinate them perfectly with the arrivals and departures of the ferries so that you seamlessly transfer from the ship to the bus directly at the port.  With the ferry/bus combination the journey takes 30-40 minutes longer than the direct ferry, but the cost is a fraction of the price, there are more departure time options each day and you get to drive through some of the most spectacular landscapes of rural Uruguay.

If you are extremely pressed for time the direct ferry might make sense, but in our honest opinion the best option is to take the ferry/bus combination to save money, have more flexibility and see a little more of Uruguay.

If you would like to book ferry tickets to Colonia or the ferry/bus combination to Montevideo please fill out our booking form and we will respond promptly.