Getting Between Colonia and Montevideo, Uruguay

Getting Between Colonia and Montevideo, Uruguay

February 15, 2018 How-to 0


Most of our clients that purchase ferry tickets to Colonia, Uruguay just visit Colonia as a day-trip, but occasionally we have clients that want to explore other areas of Uruguay as well.  As Uruguay is a very small country getting around isn’t especially difficult, but some planning does help.

Colonia to Montevideo by Bus 

The most common way to get between Colonia and Montevideo is by bus and you can either arrange this directly with the ferry line when you purchase your ferry ticket or buy your own bus ticket from one of the bus lines that travels between the two cities.

All the ferry lines that serve Colonia offer the option of adding traveling to Montevideo by bus, but the catch is that none of them allow you to have a stop-over in Colonia first so you can see it, and almost all the bus departures are coordinated to depart shortly after the ferries arrive in Colonia.

If you want to book your own bus tickets between Colonia and Montevideo you need to head to the bus terminal in Colonia which is immediately next to the ferry terminal.  In most cases you don’t need to book in advance, but if if you’re staying in Colonia for a few hours or a night you could stop by the terminal to book just in case.  Currently there are 3 bus lines that travel between Colonia and Montevideo: Chadre, COT-Intertur and Turil (our favorite).  When booking keep in mind that the majority of the buses take 3 hours since they stop along the way, but there are some direct 2 hour buses each day as well.

Colonia to Montevideo by Rental Car

Another option for traveling between the two cities is to rent a car.  If you are in Uruguay outside of January/February rental cars are surprisingly cheap and give you more independence.  The best rates we have found are on large online travel sites and not directly with the rental agencies.  One little detail with the rental process in Uruguay is that all the agencies only accept credit cards with raised numbers on them!  All the agencies have their offices located in the bus terminal next to where the ferries arrive except for Thrifty, which is located inside the main hall of the ferry port.