How far in advance should I buy my ferry ticket?

How far in advance should I buy my ferry ticket?

February 1, 2018 How-to 0

Most of our clients buy their ferry tickets to Colonia, Uruguay just 1-7 days before the travel date, which usually is fine, but many visitors don’t realize that travel to the beaches of Uruguay is extremely popular with Argentines during the Summer months, making the demand for tickets surge at that time of year and many ferries are completely sold out well in advance.

Seacat allows bookings to be made up to 3 months in advance of the travel date, and from our experience booking thousands of tickets on Seacat and Buquebus the best rates are available the further in advance you book, so plan ahead!

If you are planning a last minute trip to Uruguay during the high-season months (November-March) our advice is to try and schedule your travel for the middle of the week and avoid traveling Friday-Sunday when locals travel for weekend escapes and ticket prices are several times more expensive than during the week.

In any case we highly recommend against buying tickets directly at the ferry port the day of travel since there might not be availability and they only sell the most expensive class of tickets.

If you are available to travel during a range of dates feel free to mention that in the comments section of our booking form and we will let you know the best rates and departure times available.