The Ultimate Guide to the Buenos Aires Ferry Terminal

The Ultimate Guide to the Buenos Aires Ferry Terminal

January 11, 2018 How-to 0


Even though Uruguay is just a quick hop across the Río de La Plata, taking the ferry even as a day-trip is an international trip, and the process at the ferry terminal is similar to when you take your long flight to Argentina or another international destination.  Here is our guide to using the main ferry terminal in Buenos Aires, where all the ferries we sell tickets for depart from.

How to arrive – The main ferry terminal in Buenos Aires (aka Terminal de Buquebus) is located at Avenida Antártida Argentina 821 in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero, just a few blocks away from the downtown area.  Accessing it by public transport isn’t terribly hard, but does require some walking.  The nearest subway stations are Leandro N. Alem on the B (red) line and the General San Martín station on the C (dark blue) line.  Both are 6-7 blocks from the terminal.  Alternatively you can take a taxi or Uber.

Check-in process – Buquebus and Seacat (owned by Buquebus) share the main ferry terminal and all their departures and arrivals in the city use it.  In the main hall there are airport style check-in desks for both ferry lines.  The agent at the desk will need to look at your passport and be able to look up your booking with the passport, printing your purchase confirmation beforehand isn’t required.  If you desire you can check baggage at the check-in desk for no cost, but unless you have a very large or heavy bag we recommend you carry it on since it will save you time when you arrive.  The check-in agent will print your boarding pass at this point and tell you to go up the escalator where customs and immigrations are located.

Customs Departing Argentina – At the top of the escalator you will have to put your carry on baggage through an x-ray machine and go thought a metal detector.  This step is meant to search for large amounts of cash, weapons and other highly dangerous items.  You are free to bring all the liquids, electronics, food etc you want.

Immigrations Departing Argentina – The next step is immigrations.  To expedite the process they have both Argentine and Uruguayan immigrations officials at the post.  You first do do the immigration process for leaving Argentina, and immediately after the Uruguayan official processes your entry into Uruguay.  Please note that any visas or reciprocity fee documentation required for your country will be needed at this step.

Boarding – After completing immigrations you will enter a large waiting hall filled with chairs and undependable wifi.  About 30 minutes before your departure time they will call passengers from your ferry to begin boarding.  You will need to present your boarding pass.

On-board – Unless you have a first class ticket (which is a waste of money in our opinion) all seating is open and unassigned.  Don’t stress too much about your seat, it’s only 1 hour long!